Cap City Collective Professional Cyclocross Team

Cap City Collective aims to provide three core team members the opportunity to pursue long-term professional athletic goals: (2) women who have previous elite racing experience who will serve as mentors, brand ambassadors, and community leaders, (1) male
who will be developed as rider, brand ambassador, and community leader under the tutelage of the two experienced women. Our aim is to provide all three with contracts commensurate with males who are currently racing cyclocross. These core riders will aid in developing (at least 2) youth grass-roots riders who will be developed as the future of the sport and support a variety of specifically targeted community based events.

While core team members will always strive to compete at the highest competitive professional level, (1) becoming a house-hold cycling personality -- (longevity on the professional cyclocross series), (2) being an exceptional brand ambassador, (3) being highly involved in the community and outreach efforts, (4) promoting women and youths in cycling and (5) maintaining a positive attitude will take precedence over results and competitive performance. Cap City Collective hopes to build a team of cyclists which exist in a highly
uplifting environment. Learning from their environment our athletes will strive to spread this experience to grow the community in a positive manner. They will utilizing the existing Cap City Collective programming framework and other strategic partnerships to aid in promoting the team and supporting brands. By being highly visible and engaged in the community they will be able to represents brands in a way few sponsored athletes can.

Cap City Collective Professional Cyclocross Team exists as a non-profit under Cap City Collective, which was founded in 2013 and exists as a 501(c)3 to foster and support the development of all cycling disciplines within Central Ohio and beyond through rider
development, event organization, and venue management.

(Note: The Cap City Collective Teams do not exist at this time. We are actively seeking sponsorship, partnership or donations to fulfill this portion of the non-profit. If you or your organization would like to be involved please contact us.)