Paradise Garage is a customer-centered, full-service bicycle shop offering the best in recreational, fitness, road and mountain bikes. Their top level mechanics take pride in fine-tuning your ride and their sales staff enjoys connecting with both new and experienced cyclists to help them learn more about current equipment choices and ride planning.

Brioso Coffee is part of a highly underrated, but growing coffee culture located in Columbus, Ohio and part of the Third Wave nationally. They are passionate about offering their customers the best taste experience by utilizing the highest quality ingredients, following carefully developed and handcrafted preparation guidelines. Brioso Coffee is not only a place where the business class can escape the pressures of work, but serves it also as a cultural hub for cyclists, commuters and those enjoying the bustling Gay Street corridor downtown through events such as the Moonlight Market, Urban Scrawl, Pinchflat, Independents Festival and more.

Cap City Cyclocross is a grassroots race series in central Ohio. That was established in 2007 and continues to the present.