The past two years LGS has hosted a CX clinic at Big Run Park that has focused on helping introduce women to cyclocross. Skill levels attending the clinic over the past two years has ranged from first time riders to professional level athletes. In year two LGS recruited, 5 time National Podium finisher, UCI worlds qualifier, single speed World Champion, Mo Bruno Roy to teach at the clinic and expanded the clinic to two days with a Co-ed option on the second day. The event nearly doubled in size in it's second year with over 60 athletes and 20 vendors participating in both days of the event.

Cap City Collective's, co-founder, Spencer Hackett has been hosting, organizing and running the Cap City Short Track Mountain Bike Series since 2012. Initially, the series took place at Darree Fields in Dublin, OH, but as it grew in size a more suitable venue was needed. Building on the Cap City Cross series Spencer and the two other Cap City Collective founders negotiated with the city to allow the series to move to Big Run Park. From humble beginnings the lighthearted, fun series has grown into a 60 participant mid-week racing event design to help usher in the transition from road to cyclocross season.

The queen race of the Cap City Cyclocross series, Big Run, is one of the most versatile courses within the city limits. It has been a staple of Ohio cyclocross racing since 2010. It is routinely a feature for the Ohio Cycling Association's CX Cup state-wide series. This race is also currently organized by Cap City Collective's, co-founder, Spencer Hackett and regularly attracts 150-200+ racers. In 2015, a dual event was held featuring a soap box derby championship race running concurrent to the days cyclocross races.