Big Run Park - Derby Hill

Cap City Collective currently operates all practices, clinics and races at Big Run Park - Derby Hill, which has graciously been offered for off-road cycling activities by the City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. The non-profit currently functions under a long-term agreement with the city and a mutual agreement with Columbus Soap Box Derby.


The following is part of a multi-phase proposal that was submitted to the City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. We are currently still in search of a permanent home for an off-road cycling facility with viable terrain within the city of Columbus.

This proposal provides initial concepts for a world-class cyclocross course with further development including short-track mountain bike and a BMX recreation area. This proposal is intended to raise awareness of what is possible, what currently exists and move towards creation of Columbus’ first multi-use bike complex.


Cap City Collective proposes that the 90 acre Big Run Derby Hill or an area that is of similar terrain, proximity to highway access and amenities be transformed into a multi-use bike complex that will restore park land to highly populated and under served area in terms of parks and recreation. Not only will this project provide relief to an under served area it will provide a rapidly growing recreational and competitive cycling population with a dedicated venue, but it will also provide youth programming, other forms of outdoor activities and create economic stimulus for the city of Columbus.

Location is the defining characteristic of a sustainable cycling complex as demonstrated by other successful venues such as Kings CX, Eva Bandman Park and the Indy-Cycloplex. The Big Run Multi-Use Bike Complex offers alternative wheel oriented (cyclocross, short-track mountain bike (STXC), BMX cycling) athletic opportunities in a key location. Located at the junction of two major highways I-270 and I-70 makes access to the park easy from all parts of the city and for those traveling across the state. The proposed venue is a 10 minute drive or 45 minute bike ride from the heart of the city.

The proposed plan for the Big Run Derby Hill is that of a multi-faceted project where each phase will build upon the previous. The idea behind this park is to be an ever evolving area that will accommodate the recreational needs of the city and its population with an emphasis on programming, sustainability and environmental preservation.

The proposed plan has already garnered heavy support from the recreational and competitive cycling community as well as other cycling related businesses and organizations throughout the city. We, Cap City Collective, are proposing a mutual partnership in creating a world-class multi-use bike complex that create a full-time home for cyclocross, mountain bike and BMX training. The proposed plan will create a park capable of hosting a variety of events, development programs including a large flagship event with the intent drawing national and international level competition.

This plan will follow in the footsteps of many of Columbus’ neighboring Midwestern cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, Louisville and Indianapolis, which can serve as a direct model on how to create world-class sustainable recreational venues....

The 2016 "Big Run - Derby Hill Multi-Use Bike Facility" proposal can be downloaded in its entirety here.