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What's your race at Nationals?

I’ll be racing both Single Speed & Elite Men.

What's your goal for this race?

Top-5 SS & Top-20 Elites. I honestly just signed up for SS as an extra fast pre-ride + hard openers before the Elite race but I’m predicted to do pretty well so now I totally have the itch. But doing well against all the fastest dudes is still the main goal.

What's your favorite memory from racing Cap City?

Generally: the Cap City community, there’s such a great crew of people who promote and race there. HECKIN’ MISS Y’ALL!

More specifically: 2013 at Big Run, it was my first race after getting my 2 upgrade. I felt like I was going to freaking die, but got top-5 in the fast guy field. Looking back that race really catalyzed my transition from person who races bikes, to bike racer. It made me think “Woah, this isn’t just luck. I should actually be here.”

What did you learn from racing Cap City?

Mainly that CX, and pedaling hard in general, is the literal best. Bikes have been a part of my life for a long time but racing, and the community of people around it, has made such a huge impact on my life. Like, I met my freaking wife through the Paradise Garage team! Without Cap City CX (& the PG van) I can’t say I would have turned up on a converted track bike with 30mm “cx” tires and caliper road brakes and gotten bit by the racing bug.

What's your highlight of this season?

It’s been a pretty good one honestly!

First off, getting 9th on the second day of WSCXGP, snagging a couple UCI points and therefore qualifying for Elite Nationals again. Secondly, getting my category 1 upgrade! Thirdly, being Top-15 in every UCI race I’ve done (except for one where I was still 18th). And finally, generally being near the front and often on the podium at the local CO races. The fast guy field out here is freaking faaaast, so being able to hang near the front has been really cool.

Do you have any advice for new racers?

Sorry not sorry to get feel-y about it BUT, I feel that racing bikes requires a level of emotional vulnerability that can be super worthwhile. By racing you’re allowing yourself to fail in a public setting. You’re trying your absolute hardest and finding out, more often than not, that your hardest isn’t quite good enough to win, or get on the podium, or reach whatever goal you’d set. But by pushing through those feels and trying again (and again), you might surprise yourself. Even if some days a “win” just means finishing the hecking bike race because you’re too stubborn to quit it. Basically, bikes are tight and worth it- keep at it!

And if you were hoping for actual CX advice: go ride your bike on MTB trails and other dumb stuff and fall down a lot. Go hit ruts at the park til you fall down more. Go to the park, look like a fool and get on and off your bike a million times. And most importantly, when it comes to race day, always remember to SEND IT!