We added multiple new features at Big Run in 2017!

We added multiple new features at Big Run in 2017!

We Are The Collective is a blog that is dedicated to highlighting the success of the central Ohio Cyclocross and MTB community, those who support us, what's coming up, what has happened and other cycling related things.

Before we launch our blog we wanted to give everyone a brief background on who we are, what we aren't and how you can help.

Cap City Collective:

Cap City Collective 501(c)3 is a non-profit organization formed specifically out of the need to develop a full-time off-road cycling training/racing facility in Columbus, to meet the current demand and also assist in the growth and development of the sport. It is comprised of three experienced individuals each with a strong tie to the local cycling community. Through the development of such a racing/training facility, we hope to develop a bike park that is capable of attracting the best riders/racers in the country to Columbus, Ohio by way of world-class events. Sustainability of this project can be met through the creation of daily programming, the establishment of a professional and/or youth development team and stimulating the growth of non-competitive and competitive cycling in the city and the region.

Cap City Collectives provides a high degree of experience in race directing, race promotion, course design, team development, budgeting, organization, program development and not to mention an exceptional amount professional experience.

  • Who we are - We are more than just three individuals, we are every cyclist, every club, every business that supports cycling. All clubs in Columbus including Cap City Cross are members of Cap City Collective. Note: all remaining funds no used for permit costs, course material costs etc..are also donated to Cap City Collective. Wait, I didn't know about this are you sure my club is involved? Yes! Since we started in 2012 every single club in Columbus has had a member been involved in some way or another.
  • So, what does this Cap City Collective do (what we do)? Do you charge your member clubs fees? No! We operate as an organization designed to bridge the gaps between clubs and unite the cities cycling community into one "tribe" that works for the benefit of all cyclists, clubs and other cycling related organizations. We rely solely on fundraising from race events, practices and clinics and donations to fund our organization.
  • So, is Cap City Collective and Cap City Cross the same thing? No! Cap City Collective is the non-profit that works directly with the city of Columbus to secure permits, develop Big Run Park - Derby Hill into a full-time bike park (CX and MTB), hosts weekly CX practices, assist with clinics where we develop CX racers from beginners to World Cup level professionals, such as Jen Malik. We aren't done there! We also host MTB events and are working very hard with groups such as COMBO, AOA, City of Columbus Rec. and Parks, Columbus Metro Parks (Chestnut Ridge), etc...to help bring you World Class trails and MTB events in or around Columbus. What about the kids? Don't worry we are working towards that as well. Our two main goals are to develop Big Run Park as a full-time bike venue and to create year-round programming that supports the development of youth cycling. Example: NICA MTB League between Columbus schools, weekly Kids on Bikes events, and a junior development team.
  • What about Cap City Cross? Cap City Cross is the group that is the series organizer for all of the Columbus area CX races you participate in - they too are also a member of Cap City Collective.
  • How do I help? If you work for a business who would be interested in sponsoring a venue/event/clinic or practice series have them contact us. Volunteer at CX practice or one of our CX or MTB club driven clinics, volunteer with the Cap City CX or MTB series or Grandview Crit, join COMBO and help out with trail days, get bring your friends to races even if it is only to spectate, help spread the word on social media by reposting our posts, our sponsors posts, your clubs posts, Cap City CX's posts, and COMBO's posts. A strong community presence on social media is key for us to succeed. Say thank you to the City of Columbus Rec. and Parks officials via email and on social media. Most importantly, buy product from the sponsors that support our races and events! Become an outspoken member of the community and get behind the groups that support us. Chose to take your bike to or buy from Heritage Cycles, Paradise Garage or Westville Bike Shop, buy coffee from Brioso Coffee, purchase Kenda MTB tires and when you are at a restaurant or bar choose to drink Columbus Brewing Company beer.